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What is King-Fu?

We're glad you asked! King-Fu is a fun & exciting program that gives kids the truth they need to spiritually defend themselves in a world that is on the attack! King-Fu kids learn bible facts and scriptures that stick with them even when they are not at church. They also learn to use their bible as a tool to build a healthy life!

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Theme | Courage
Courage is trusting God even when you are scared. Last week we explored the question, “Where is God when I’m Scared?” We wanted children to understand that God is with them even when they are afraid, uncertain or filled with doubt. This week we are continuing to talk on courage, and how we can share that courage with others. We will take a look at a familiar story in the Bible and how David had just the courage to step up to the task of facing the giant, even when others didn’t.

Theme Verse | Joshua 1:9 (NLT)
“Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”

Worship | Suggested Songs

Due to copyright laws, we are unable to include worship videos as part of this resource, but
would love to suggest the use of the following songs:

You Make Me Brave by Bethel Kids
Way Maker by Leeland

Family Resource | Spotify Playlist
We’ve created two playlist:

One with slower worship songs that will help kids remember that God is in control, and focus them on the peace that only God can bring. We created this with parents in mind, to help fill their homes or calm an anxious child.




This is our Praise party playlist. These are faster upbeat songs to help fill the house with joy! Let us help set the soundtrack of your home.


Family Resource | Family Devos
This week we recognize that many families are finding themselves with a lot more time on their hands, and not a lot to do. So with that in mind, we are sharing 3 family devotions with you to do throughout the week that will continue the conversation about sharing courage with others. These devotions, while not long, are designed for you to read a simple passage, think about what it means, answer a few questions, and pray together as a family. Our prayer is that this allows the atmosphere in your home to be filled with hope, and quality conversations.